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The Lonely Tower v2.0 by greyeyesgabriel The Lonely Tower v2.0 by greyeyesgabriel
A remake of an original watercolor by greyeyesgabriel; The Lonely Tower partially inspired the poem, The Battle of Twilight by greyeyesgabriel and the remake is meant to capture the spirit of the poem. The poem and artwork will be featured in the forthcoming poetry book 2010 Begin Again by greyeyesgabriel.
greyeyesgabriel Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Professional General Artist
The Battle of Twilight

Somewhere between dusk and dawn is the twilight; 
where time stands still, and anything is possible.
Within The Lonely Tower lives the Princess of the Shadows; 
surrounded in the Valley of Echos Past, happy with her misery.

Locked within walls built by herself; 
to protect her from the Knight of Light, whom searches for her endlessly.
Sipping on her Tears of Sorrow, alone, but safe; 
hovering off The Cliff of Despair, she toils over losing the key.

There in that kingdom, where suns and moons collide; 
the twinkle of twilight’s stars, fade from sunset to sunrise.
As the Knight of Light rides tirelessly across the realm; 
overcoming all challenges in his path, to journey on with his heart driven quest.

While alone in The Lonely Tower, the Princess of the Shadows solemnly waits; 
for her hero should arrive, to rescue her from her self-inflicted fate.
The Angel of Fear holds the key to the tower, far away from the princess; 
upon the Mountain of Doom, is where the angel rests.

Fear rests not, in the heart of the knight; 
relentlessly he battles on, racing swiftly away from the dawn.
The Angel of Fear within his sites, the Knight of Light must prevail; 
he must possess the key to free the Princess of the Shadows from her own despair.

Defeating demons to the foothills of Doom’s Doorstep, a fiery rage of passion explodes; 
as the Light of Knight vanquishes his foes to ascend the Mountain of Doom.
Burning with a seething passion, he stands before the Angel of Fear; 
valiantly he stands, weapon sheathed, staring into the face of fear.

Prepared for battle, shall it be; 
the Knight of Light stands unmoved, as the Angel of Fear searches his heart.
Finding no way to defeat the Knight of Light, the Angel of Fear bows down in defeat; 
backing away from the Truth of Love, it surrenders the key.

As Angel of Fear was defeated, lightning flashed, the thunder crashed; 
and so began the Storms of Sorrows, flowing in all directions from the Mountain of Doom.
Seizing the key to The Lonely Tower, hastily he scurried back down the mountain; 
triumphantly the hero’s quest now was to set the Princess of the Shadows free.

While alone the princess waits in the tower, suffering with wonder; 
living in hopeless abandon, nowhere to run, except in circles.
Running up and down the stairs, which encircle the black stone walls; 
peering from windows with no view, a prison from which there is no escape.

All that keeps The Lonely Tower from crashing into the Valley of Echos Past;
is her hope that the knight is on his way.
She hears the rumble of the thunder, although she can see no lightning; 
within her walls of solitude, her heart can only speculate.

Charging on against the Storms of Sorrows, still facing the Valley of Echos Past; 
the Knight of Light presses forward, never knowing a doubt.
The Gates of Fate is what he seeks, beneath the Tree of Solitude; 
there lies entry to The Lonely Tower, where his Princess of the Shadows awaits.

Already he could hear the echos of the valley calling out to him; 
even above the growling roar of the thunder, and the slashing sound of the wind.
Courageously he rode on, the echos faded, the thunder replaced with the beating of his heart; 
straight through the Valley of Echos Past, and right to the gates.

The Storms of Sorrows just behind him, on the other side of the valley; 
the Knight of Light pauses at The Gates of Fate, holding the Key to Happiness within his grasp.
Opening the gates, the pace of his heart rushes; 
his princess is just beyond the Tree of Solitude, locked within the walls of her own tower.

She has let him inside of her loneliness, as he calls out to her on the stairs; 
when she calls back, he runs to her embrace.
Outside the storms raged on, pressing closer to the tower; 
while inside the two were kissing, two hearts intertwining in love, no higher power.

The Truth of Love tested and proven, the walls of The Lonely Tower began to crack and crumble; 
and as the two exited the Gates of Fate, the tower fell.
Large, black stones crushed the Tree of Solitude, leaving rubble scattered across the Cliff of Despair; 
as the base of the tower plummeted into the now silent Valley of Echos Past.

The Storms of Sorrow ceased and the clouds dissipated, to reveal the stars between dusk and dawn; 
while the Knight of Light and the Princess of the Shadows walked away with The Key to Happiness.
Victorious over their fears, triumphant over all; 
they realized the power is within us all, so finally, I awoke at last.

 ~ greyeyesgabriel 2012

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