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I shall sleep a slumber of visions and dreams; awaking to shake off the wonder, reality or a daydream; revision, sleep has overtaken me upon the slumber, nevermore; dark dusk, riding twilight's wake, a slender entrance of splendid response; a beam of light, wandering upon the meandering daybreak of another delirious morning. 

Awake! Awake! Before the day is done, behold the birds of the morning song; flutter before the butterfly quake, among tines of grass withered by; the sun must break at dawns retreat, as sure as my feet carry me; arise, shudder the cobwebs and grasp the tail, nevermore; to dally the day away with fritterous nonsense of nigh, away, away; to dance with a cosmic destiny of serendipitous chance. 

Not to die into another day, rise up triumphantly; speak now, not a whisper, only perchance to say; alive, you see, to become by your deeds; another dance away, away, away; dawning by the lake in a glorious wake, fearing not; nevermore. 

Falling away, alive, rise; chaos, not evil, merely changing of the guardian; fear not the dying of the day, the dawn shall come again; from within the kingdom of light shall reign, blowing away the haze of the dusky day; galloping across my soul the same, nevermore knocking upon my door; no fear of eternal flame, no more; nevermore; nevermore.
~greyeyesgabriel 2012 

Growing forever in a bottle,
infinity condensed, confined;
expanding time in suspense,
compounded out of mind.

Starseed interjected mass,
a flip of the switch electric;
just an energetic pulsar,
only a touch of the eclectic.

A rhythm in frequency pitch,
a subtle dance of love in light;
twisting a universal chance,
chaotic control, harrowed sight.

Done like as before, never again,
gently drifting towards the blackhole;
vibrating harmoniously, a rift in time,
an energy which some call our soul.

~greyeyesgabriel 2013